Best English Medium School in Dhaka

Top 10 English Medium School in Dhaka City listed below:

Most of the caring parents are choose English Medium School for their children to provide the best education under the British curriculum. They think the best schools ensure a good career for their child. So let us see which are the best English medium school in Dhaka, for their excellent results, and recognized by Oxford, Cambridge University, and International Baccalaureate Organization.

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  • The Aga Khan School
  • Maple Leaf International School
  • Scholastica School
  • Mastermind English Medium School
  • Oxford International School
  • Sunnydale School
  • Averroes International School
  • Australian International School
  • BAF Shaheen English Medium School
  • Pledge Harbor International School

1. The Aga Khan School

This is the number 1 best English medium school in Dhaka. Aga Khan School is the earliest English Medium School in Dhaka. This institute founded in 1988. The school has been an IB World member since 2009, from this period the school is moving to the complete IB curriculum.
This institute offers a total program like International Baccalaureate (IB) and (IB) Primary Years Program, Diploma Program added Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and A-Levels program.

Learning Approach:
The ingredients of learning in this institute are so friendly which provides every student a proper learning environment and makes an opportunity to develop their educational knowledge, create inner skill and practicing intellectual discussion, moral character development in their mindset.
Every staff and teacher of this academy working together to create an educational environment that successfully equipoises academic assignments. All the students attend every sports activity and cultural program. The Academy permitted to joining in a social event.

Every year the institute got lots of awards and Achievements like Cambridge Award Winners. Most of the students achieve the highest-grade mark in every subject around the country.


The Aga Khan School in Dhaka City

2. Maple Leaf International School

This is the second best English medium school in Dhaka. Maple Leaf International School is one of the most glorious English Medium School in Dhaka, Bangladesh founded in 1972. They conduct to these programs IGCSE, GCE ‘A’ Levels and International Advanced Level under the British Curriculum. The school is approved by Ed excel, CIE, UK. Added the Government of Bangladesh.

Academic Program:
The school has many subjects to choose from every student which known entirely the country like – Bengali, English literature, Accounting, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, etc. Here we discussed only a few subjects, but they have many more programs.

Learning Approach:
The school has creates a nice atmosphere for students to study. Every teacher and faculty member of the organization is working hard behind it. The schools have a modern educational system to support classroom lectures like multimedia facilities, modern laboratories, etc. Its helps students intellectual growth, art, mental developments as well as sports and social work.

They have good results in every subject. Each year all the students participate in various events and activities. Some achievements are Win IELTS Scholarship Award and MLIS Debate Club at International Tournament.


3. Scholastica School

This is the third best English medium school in Dhaka. The school is one of the largest private English medium schools in Bangladesh. Study in preschool to ‘A’ Level classes of an international standard. Besides, there is more important given to English as well as Bangla related subjects.

The educational activities of the school have been designed the specific needs of Bangladeshi students keeping in mind tradition and passion of life. The curriculum of the school has designed for all classes mainly to the University of Cambridge. The British Council administers all of the examinations.

Learning Approach:
Here the study is mainly international standards. They believe only consistent with study to improve their lifestyle. They emphasize the creativity of the student and prepare students for the real world.

Extracurricular Activities:
Extracurricular activities include drama, debating and public speaking. The school team participates in inter-school and national competitions.
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4. Mastermind English Medium School

This is the forth number best English medium school in Dhaka. This institute proudly stands as the oldest English medium school in Bangladesh founded in 1997. Mastermind school has been committed to serving a global structure of education. Educational curriculum are conducted by Edexcel and Cambridge curriculum (in O and A-levels).

Learning Approach:
The institution provides a system of learning method, which creates a highly competitive environment. The curriculum in this institute more focused on student’s capability of learning and skill development. They are taking care of every student.

Students are prepared for a world to serve their knowledge for humankind, universal awareness, empathy for the nation and eagerness to exploit their gift in service to others.

The Mastermind English Medium School has an excellent result, and nationally top in most of the subjects. They have also so many achievements like “The Most Versatile School” Award & The Champion of the junior category at Biotechnology Fest.


5. Oxford International School

This is another best English medium school in Dhaka. Oxford International School one of the excellent international school in Dhaka, it was founded in 1987. At present thousands of students studying, and about a hundred of teachers with an international student. This is a well-organized institution that plays an important role to provide a quality education, skill development activities, and OIS has become internationally recognized by being the World’s highest and Bangladesh’s highest scorers in GCE O and A-Level examination.

The course of Study:
Oxford International School equipped all courses according to the Cambridge International Examination (CIE) curriculum from Playgroup to A-Level.


6. Sunnydale School

Sunnyvale School founded by late Chairman Abdul Mannan Khan. It was established in 1985. This institution was aimed at providing quality education to society and all over the county and one of the best English medium school in Dhaka.

The curriculum of this academy is based on the syllabus, which is published by the UK Education Board.

Learning Approach:
Sunnydale provides each of its student’s special care and gives a guideline for accelerating their study, individual skill, the potential of growing and standing on their own. Teachers are showing the way and guides to operate along the course of life toward their aimed destination.

Sunnydale Schools have many achievements in the Cambridge International Examination. They are topping in the world in ordinary level and advanced subsidiary level examination where they achieved good marks in Economics, Principle of Accounts, Mathematics and Business Studies.


7. Averroes International School

The Averroes International School is an English medium educational institution for both primary and secondary sections. The best English medium school in Dhaka authorized by the British Council and Edexcel and recognized by the Bangladesh Ministry of Education. The Averroes International School is a registered organization operating under the laws of Bangladesh and the Board members.

Learning Approach:
Averroes International School serves the proper guideline for all the students. They give priority to quality education. The school surrounded a peaceful environment that gives pleasure in mind. They learn more effectively of all programs, moral values, discipline and lots of skill. Every student has been able to take challenges and opportunities in their life.

The curriculum of Averroes:
Here discussed some curriculum of Averroes international schools, which is followed by their students. Daily Hifzul Quran program and follows the IGCSE & GCE curriculum under Edexcel. More importantly Islamic Studies and Foreign Language Department with the graduates from Al-Azhar University, and The Islamic University of Al-Madinah Al-Manuwarah.


8. Australian International School

The Australian International School is the first and only best international school in Dhaka. It was founded in the year 2002. The school offers a comprehensive Australian curriculum approved by the government of Australia. Australian International School is also an International Baccalaureate (IB) World School. The IB provides the guidelines for the teaching and learning procedure of programs.

The school also provides a balanced education, entire all the learning subjects designed by Western Australian Curriculum. The subjects are English, Science, Mathematics, Technology & Enterprise, the Arts, Society & Environment, Health & Physical Education, and Languages other than English.


9. BAF Shaheen English Medium School

BAF Shaheen English Medium School administrated by Bangladesh Air Force. This is established in the heart of the capital, nearby Dhaka, in Cantonment. The best English medium school in Dhaka which curriculum offers quality education based on the Cambridge International Examination UK. The school has a well-equipped unique learning environment from class 1 to A-Level with a group of experienced teachers.

Extracurricular Activities:
BAF Shaheen English Medium School has many extra-curricular activities where every student participates eagerly. The activities are Science innovation, Recitation & Drama Music, Dance & Art, Photography & Filmmaking, Community Service, Math, Spelling and, Debate.


10. Pledge Harbor International School

Pledge Harbor International School one of the best English Medium schools in Dhaka. The school provides an international curriculum based on the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO). The institute IB accredited boarding school.

Learning Approach:
The school’s faculty members are amiable with students. They take care of the student as a part of a family and educate them in academics, life, and social skills. The school appreciates joining other activities besides their regular curriculum. Sporting, Debates club, social work, science fiction, etc.


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