Best Madrasa Education in Chittagong

Here we got some best Madrasa education center in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The Islamic School of gathering knowledge named Madrasa. Madrasa education is based on Islam. Most Islamic scholars admit their children to top Madrasah listed below.

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Importance of Madrasah Education

The first verse of the Holy Quran sent to prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) was “Read by the name of Almighty Allah” Who is compassionate to teach mankind with the help of the pen and to teach them whatever they are unknown of. Allah sent the prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) as a teacher to mankind. The prophet emphasized all males and females to seek knowledge. Seeking knowledge is considered as Ibadah in Islam which proves that Islam has given utmost importance to education.

A Madrasa is an Islamic educational institution where students are taught Quranic knowledge including other relevant subjects according to the curriculum. It is operated according to Islamic sharia. As Madrasa education is based on Islam so here the subjects are Quran, Hadith and responsibilities and duties of a true Muslim. But it doesn’t mean that Madrasa education is far away from the conventional education system. As the Quran is just not a book, it’s a book that contains every knowledge of the world. So in today’s Madrasa are providing subject-based education such as science, commerce, arts with courses like Quran-e- Hafiz and Alim.

We see in our society that a student whose family has resources to educate their child is only going to school and the poor one who requires resources are dropping out of the education system. In this comparison, the madrasa is quite different from school. Madrasa embraces students of all folk even the one without money, parents and other resources also to enlighten them with the light of knowledge. It provides free education with free lodging and boarding.

Madrasa education makes a soul pure. It leads us to the path of TAQWA which is essential for the afterlife and worldly life. This education system helps us to save ourselves from going astray and helps us to make a connection with omnipotent Allah (SW). Whereas the secular educational institution of our society provides education only to get good “Jobs”, a madrasa graduates a student with moral and ethical principles and human values.

Madrasa education is carrying on the tradition of Islamic learning and transmitting to the future generation. Nowadays a Madrasa is not only following the missionary approach rather it is allowing students to engage themself in the other fields of education related to practical earthly life after completing a certain level in the Madrasa. To make a good society filled with good people Madrasa education can’t be taken lightly.

1. Darul Ma’Arif Al Islamia Madrasha

Darul Ma’Arif Al Islami Madrasha is generally known as Darul Marif. It is prominent is Jamiah, residing at Bahaddarhat, Ctg. This Madrasha was established by Allama Sultan Jauq Nadvi in 1985. It is a modern and well-organized educational institution. It helps the students to cope with modern education by teaching English Science besides Islamic knowledge. There are studying 1100 students in Darul Ma’Arif.

Its following departments are in below:

  • Dept. Of Hizbul Quran
  • Dept. Of Adab
  • Dept. Of Islamic Law
  • Dept. Of Dawa and Islamic Studies
  • Arabic Language Course

2. Al Jamiah Al Islamiah Madrasha

It is the second leading best Deobandi Madrasha in Bangladesh. Al Jamiah Al Islamiah is a private Qawmi Islamic University. This famous madrasa is lying at Patiya and was induced in 1938. The campus is in a beautiful rural area. Allama Abdul Haleem Bukharee is the Chancellor of this popular university.

It coordinates this institution with Darul Ulum Muinul, Hathazari, and Jamiatul Ulum Al Islami, Lalkhan Bazar Madrasa. Al Jamiah Al Islamiah has 5000 students in total.
It has been publishing a monthly magazine named Al Tawheed for 43 years.

Official website:

3. Jamia Ahamdia Sunnia Alia Madrasa

One of the best madrasa in Chittagong, Bangladesh. Jamia Ahamdia Sunnia Alia Kamil Madrasa is a well-known Islamic educational institution. It was vindicated at Panchlaish; Chattogram on 20 February in 1956. It builds the madrasa on a plain land, which is covering 1.94 kata in total. This is an MPO madrasa and is affined to the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

Official website:

4. Jamiatul Ulum Al Islamia Madrasha

Jamiatul Ulum Al Islamia Madrasha is a renowned Qawmi madrasa founded by Mufti Izharul Islam in 1981. It is much known as Lalkhan Bazar madrasa as it is located in the Bazar area in Chattogram. It is one of the three largest madrasas in Bangladesh. It provides teaching to students from an early level. It offers a Ph.D. to those students who complete their MA degree.

Following departments:

  • Department of Hifzul Quran
  • Department of Fatwa
  • Department of Madrasa Tul Banat

5. Al Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum Muinul Islam Madrasa

It is most popular as Hathazari Madrasa or BORO Madrasa. Al Jamiatul Ahlia is the largest and oldest madrasa of Bangladesh, which is a Qawmi Educational system based on madrasa.

Madrasah Education in Bangladesh
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They established this famous madrasa in 1896 at Hathazari, Chattogram, including a 4.24 acres area. The formation of this madrasa follows Darul Ulum Deobond of India, sub-continent.

There is also a similarity between the two madrasas. In 2009, the National Bureau of Asian Research reported that Al Jamiatul Ahlia Darul Ulum generates over 100 ulemas every year. It divides the education system of the madrasa into 6 major levels.

It publishes every month in a magazine named Monthly Munuil Islam and Yearly Muinul Islam in every year published.

6. Darul Ulum Kamil Madrasa

It situates Darul Ulum Kamil Madrasa at Chandanpura, Chattogram. It is a traditional, popular Islamic University. It relates this madrasa to the NATIONAL UNIVERSITY. The annual result of Darul Ulum Kamil Madrasa is praiseworthy.

Official website:

7. Tanzimul Umma Girl’s Madrasa

Tanzimul Umma is one of the most popular girl’s madrasa in Chattogram. It is placed at Pahartoli, Chattogram. It established this Islamic university in 1999.

Official website:

8. Mazidia Islamia Alim Madrasa

Mazidia Islamia Alim Madrasa is at Khuril Chandgoan, Chittagong. This is a well-arranged educational institution. It was founded on January 1, 1977. This popular madrasa is following Science, Humanities and Business Studies disciplines. Its MPO number is 201022102. It is reputed especially for its annual results.

Madrasa Education in Bangladesh

9. Kamale Ishq-e Mustafa (sm) Alim Madrasa

It is staying at Bakalia, Chattogram. Kamale Ishq-e Mustafa(SM) Alim Madrasa is one of the best madrasas in Chattogram. The students of this madrasa achieve excellent results every year.

Official website:

10. Ashekane Aulia Fazil Madrasa

Ashekane Aulia Fazil Madrasa is a popular Islamic institution. It was constructed on 4 March in 1973 on a plain land of Bayezid Bostami area in Chattogram. It imitates three disciplines: Science, Humanities and Business Studies. This is an MPO madrasa and the MPO number is 209022302. Its MPO label is up to Fazil. The results of the board examinations of the madrasa are good.


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