Canadian University of Bangladesh Video Review

Canadian University of Bangladesh

Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB) has begun its trip because June 2016 with the visions and objectives of offering excellent education and creating arising expertise applicable to the era of ICT.

The new generation’s array of challenges geared up with the emerging international knowledge commanding the pupils’ focus and yet be delivered in an approach and even at a pace that will undoubtedly allow the pupil to achieve success.

Canadian University of Bangladesh

Along with preparing the trainees to apply their expertise and abilities, the university develops the educational program with the right mindset to acquire a specific capacity for the occupation to supply. Shipment of the educational program will undoubtedly involve the students in an active discovering procedure, in which their vital thinking and analytic abilities will undoubtedly continue to be fine-tuned.

The academic and occupation development techniques are created to gear up the 21st-century students with the skills called for to accomplish in their valued fields. This will undoubtedly transform the student’s rights into extremely competent specialists having the potential of ending up being future leaders in the corresponding district.

The college stresses the combination of info, communication, and technology-based education and learning while trains its trainees about human ethics and regulative laws in their profession and the overall culture.

As the world is going in the direction of revolutionary changes of technical aspects, individuals’ lives are altering very rapidly right into a furtive future where the growth to be approaching is past human reasoning. Technology is entering every domain name of our life. Therefore, to keep pace with these ongoing changes, our education and learning system must additionally be changed as well as upgraded with the arising ranges and also centers and modifications in industries.

To deal with the needs and virtualized atmosphere of today’s period, with the straight engagement of a team of young skill teachers, CUB has introduced the Tutorial Based Education and Learning (TBE) system for the very first time in our country Bangladesh. To execute the slogan of “Inspiring Applied Knowledge for the Future.”

TBE has already been implemented successfully in lots of reputed colleges of the globe. However, CUB’s version of TBE is one-of-a-kind and novel idea relevant for the education procedures in the advancing ICT Period. TBE in CUB is a sort of hands-on understanding that attends to the real-life issues to be discovered by the students and gathers all the great functions removed from both the traditional input-based education and learning system as well as the latest problem-based understanding (PBL) to make sure the present instructions of Outcome-Based Education (OBE).

The one-of-a-kind attributes of TBE in CUB aid pupils in understanding the knowledge and principles embedded within the curriculum and getting ready for both the evaluation and future specialist occupations inside the university environment. This also facilitates them to construct socialism amongst their schoolmates and helps them understand and resolve problems through team tasks.

Pupils in the current world are talented compared to at any time in the past; they have the chance to discover by doing and surfing through worldwide social media like Facebook, Google, and YouTube.

Even the moms and dads do not know concerning the explorative and innovative capabilities that their children have. However, the pupils do not obtain passion in their research when they need to go via the backdated education procedure stemming from the conventional one, including the multimedia projector. They wish to develop something for making the world wonder; they need to know the whole globe regarding their presence.

The Canadian University of Bangladesh is most likely to provide both understandings and abilities at the gifted pupils’ deserving degree in the ICT period for transforming them into the genuine arising people of the country for today and the future.

The policies and treatments followed within CUB are using ICT and giving solutions in an extremely tailored method. The computing system is offered for every university activity, from confessing students to collecting trainee presence to certificate printing.

The facilities and management supports of this university are likewise made to supply a tailored degree based on personal needs in a highly comfortable manner. University Monitoring Software Program (UMS) assists all users, including faculties, management personnel, and trainees, to achieve the most effective services just a single click away.

Moodle software application is used to help the professors and pupils share the course materials, tasks, and occasions management and disseminating messages along with sharing understanding only by clicking mouse from anywhere of the world any time.

CUB is an emerging college to enlighten the brand-new generation to make them ideal for the emerging global, pioneering, and going beyond the education and learning refines followed in The United States and Canada, and Canada.

This university is incredibly committed to satisfying its duty to create the excellent leaders and knowledgeable specialists required to ensure the nation’s success and success and speed up the arrival of a beautiful future. This area would be the appropriate selection for the Youngers to choose for developing the end.

Vision of Canadian University of Bangladesh

  1. To turn into one of the leading Universities on the planet via developing a robust used study and teaching atmosphere that reacts to the national and even global difficulties of the 21st century.
  2. To become identified generally as one of the top marketers of high-quality education and emerging used research.
  3. To create skilled graduates to work in the extremely reputed global companies or pursue more significant researches in leading ranked colleges.

Goals of Canadian University of Bangladesh

  • Supplying excellent education and learning in an interactive atmosphere prepares students for the sector, academia, and federal government.
  • You are reinforcing the core skills in any program by integrating industry-oriented and tutorial-based education and learning.
  • We are enhancing the Industrial Training program to be acquainted with company society and collect functional skills before graduating.
  • We organize regular workshops, seminars, competitions, etc., to create successful, skilled, and proficient graduates.
  • Brushing the trainees to make them fix intricate troubles, acquire management, and various other social abilities.
  • We involve the pupils with various laboratories and international bodies to continue contemporary research study to speed up the arrival of the brand-new technology-based globe and post research study articles in worldwide journals and meetings.

To know more details you can visit Canadian University of Bangladesh (CUB) official website here.

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