Credit Transfer from Bangladesh to Canada [How to Guide]

Every student dreamed that one day they would get admission in the world best universities. An especially Bangladeshi student wants to get admission in European top university. Credit transfer from Bangladesh to Canada is trending now. But most of the time they can’t at the right time because here is lots of requirements to fulfill.

How to credit transfer from Bangladesh to Canada?

Credit Transfer from Bangladesh to Canada

So some student admitted in their country after that they get a chance to transfer credit in abroad top universities. Most of the Bangladeshi University give chance to transfer credit in other Universities. Here some requirements will have to follow when you transfer credit through your university.

What is Credit Transfer?

At first, you need to know what Credit Transfer means is, if you are interested to get admission foreign university at the same time you already admitted another university. Then actually you transfer your credit another university which you choose through your university. Credit is subject wise score what you get in your university last two or one year.

Every university has their requirements and minimum how much credit they can take. Therefore, you have to need good score subject wise as per you are choosing university requires. Simply transfer of credit is the term used by universities for the granting of credit to students for learning experience in other universities.

What are the Requirements of Canadian Universities you follow?

Here mention some credit transfer requirements of Canadian Universities below:

  1. You must have applied from recognized university then you may qualify for credit transfer.
  2. For all students they must have achieved minimum overall average 80% or 70% in all previous universities studies.
  3. You have must complete Post secondary studies then you will qualify for credit, your offer of admission will be included instruction on transfer credit assessment application.
  4. Post secondary credit transfer assignment that courses from any recognized institution as assessed as specific credit if matching you desire university course or as general credit to meet non-major specific or elective degree requirement.
  5. General credit courses that do not match a specific your desire to university course may be assigned general credit.
  6. And Specific credit courses that overlap more than 80% with a specific your desire to university course are granted Specific credit.
  7. In Canadian, Universities you also search course in your selected university website which called, “Transfer credit search” where you search courses from any institution and how they transfer to Canadian university. 
  8. Your first semester result and final secondary school result will be made decision for conditional admission. But their some rules you have to follow.
  9. Moreover, if you are second year or higher, will be considered for conditional admission in the basis of midyear transcript.
  10. Academic transcript must be submitted directly and required Post secondary transcript from any institution you attended.
  11. One extra requirement for Bangladeshi students, must have achieved 6.5 or 6 grade mark in an IELTS.
  12. For Non-degree student have some requirements to follow that are, you must have eligibility in English Language. Must have good academic standing and enrolled in a bachelor’s degree program at a recognized institution.

How many Bangladeshi Universities can Transfer Credit in Canada?

So many reputed universities in Bangladesh can transfer credit in Canadian University. Almost 2 or 3 Canadian university is linked with each of Bangladeshi university. Students should be follow university website where you can easily find out which Canadian universities are added with their university. 

Here some shortlists of Bangladeshi universities who can Transfer Credit in Canada.

  1. American International University Bangladesh (AIUB)
  2. BRAC University
  3. Daffodil International University
  4. North South University
  5. International Islamic University

Further here mentioned some but there are also more University in Bangladesh who has linked with Canadian University. 

How to Apply for Transfer Credit Bangladesh to Canadian University?

Here given an example as per, “College of New Caledonia (CNC)” which is listed University with American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). You decided to transfer your credit so let’s follow these steps below.

  1. At first apply to CNC
  2. Carefully review Course requirement
  3. Apply for Credit Transfer
  4. Submit Official Transcript
  5. Finally, submit detailed course outlines

Here important note that CNC has received your completed application including fee payment, detailed course outlines and transcripts, the credit transfer review process can take 12 weeks.

How many Canadian Academic Partners with Bangladeshi Universities can Transfer Credit?

You can see here lots of reputed university in Canada who also given opportunity for transfer credit through Bangladeshi University. Most of the Canadian university is linked with each of Bangladeshi university. Students should be follow university website where you can easily find out which Canadian universities are added with their university. 

  1. Saint Mary’s University
  2. Algoma University
  3. College of New Caledonia
  4. McMaster University in Canada
  5. Quest University Canada
  6. University of Manitoba
  7. Ottawa University Canada
  8. University of Toronto
  9. Victoria University

Here mentioned some but there is also more University in Canada who has linked with Bangladeshi University. You need more information please find out your admitted university website. 

How much Cost of Studying in Canada?

Cost of studying totally depends on selecting subject and how much time you need to complete your graduation. Added the cost of housing, food, and other expenses will depend on your location and own needs. So compared with other countries, studying in Canada is affordable.

But here is important note for Bangladeshi students, and they must review the entire costing related course. Otherwise, it will make big trouble after visiting Canada.

Here I tell you probable idea about the lowest tuition fees for undergraduate in Canada it’s almost $20,000 thousand Dollar and highest tuition fees for undergraduates $40,000-50,000 thousand Dollar for each subject.

University Credit Transfer from Bangladesh to Canada

Bangladesh is the country where students have lots of dreams. Most of the student straggling at every stage of education, but they don’t stop dreaming.

Above this article just explain about Credit Transfer from Bangladesh to Canada shortly.  If you are a University student please think strongly and decide what you want to do, what is good for you. Then make decision and do it.

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