Credit Transfer from Bangladesh to USA | Study in USA Step by Step Guide

You may be in confusion how to transfer your credit from the university you are studying in Bangladesh to the university you intend to study in the USA. However, as a university student, you are likely a student of a bachelor’s course. Now, you want to transfer your credit to the university you have chosen to get admission to. Many questions are in your mind to ask somebody that can respond to you with all the necessary information. The writing piece will help you get all the answers in your mind on how to transfer your credit from Bangladesh to the USA as follows.

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Step -1: Choose your University:

Try and choose a university affiliated with your current one (your present university). If the affiliation is there with your university, you will find the process simple and easy because you will get the same syllabus. Besides, you do not have to worry about equivalency (No equivalency). Hence, you can save a lot of your time. However, if the affiliation is not there between the institution you are studying currently and the one you want to learn in, follow the next step.

Step- 2: Goggle the chosen university website:

Go to your perspective university website and find out the deadline for submitting your official transcript and its type. Most universities prefer electronic ones, and some universities want the transcripts sealed envelope on the top. Find out all the other requirements for transferring credit like credit hours, minimum CGP requirement, O/A level, S.S.C/H.S.C, college essay, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, and their score. Make sure that you need to know which exams you have to attend.

Step -3: Transcripts collection:

Once you know what requirements you must fulfill, start collecting your official transcripts. Containing transcripts from your school and universities can take time. So you don’t want to waste your time on your transcripts by communicating with the school and university. Get on exam tests like ILLTS or any test because this test requires a minimum score. You may take time to achieve it, and even you would need to attend the test frequently if you cannot score the minimum required. Therefore, complete the test exams well when waiting for official transcripts.

Step -4: Course outlines:

Make sure all the course outlines you have done so far. Keep in mind that you need course outlines, not the syllabus. The booklet pieces (course outlines) are handed over at the starting of every course. You will get the equivalency of your transferred credit by these documents (course outline).

Step -5: Mode of submission and contacting academic advisor:

Submit all of your documents by DHL or electronically as the university required. Besides, you must constantly contact your academic advisor because your graduation is on his hand. Use email or WhatsApp to keep in touch with him when you submit all of your documents. Just keep in track with him until you receive your offer letter and confirmation on your transfer credits.

Last step: Have patience:

This is unlike standard admission procedure can take time longer. Because the entire process like transferring credit, having equivalency, checking how many credits have been transferred, what extra you need to do, Any additional documents required or not, etc., can take a lot of time. However, do not become upset. It takes time. If you do everything accordingly on the steps given from first to last, your credits will be transferred easily.

Some non-transferrable credits:

Some course credits won’t be transferred like Bangladesh-related courses – history, geography, public health because these courses generally belong to Bangladesh. These are useless subjects for abroad. However, if you want to know an intelligent thing, if you have a year or a semester or both before you apply to the university, stop taking core or elective subjects instead of accepting the major ones. This will increase a lot more chances of transferring your credit effectively. The process is much longer.

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