Scholarship Application Templates with Sample Letter [2021]

Writing an application for a scholarship is a common issue for those who intend to study abroad at no cost. You can find many organizations and companies, which offer scholarships every year to college students. However, when deciding to apply for the scholarship, you need to write an application precisely. The aim of the application is to select the student who they would reward and persuade the power. The applicant should focus on stress headship capacities and initiative, and academic accomplishments. Besides, it is obligatory to format the application correctly using accurate grammar and spelling as the mistakes in the format could be the cause for instant elimination. Here, I am going to instruct you on how to write an application for a scholarship abroad as follows.


  • Opening Paragraph: You should concentrate on the career and educational aims in the opening paragraph. You can talk about your curiosity and the preferred field of study. Presenting a little passion in the part of course work could be a great way. Organizations intend to offer the scholarship to a considerably worthy student, not to the one that would drop out some months later.
  • The next or second Paragraph: You need to emphasize strengths in the second paragraph. State your community work and extra curriculum accomplishments if you have done so. Besides, you can list your academic rewards in the paragraph plus highlighting if you are an honors graduate.
  • Third paragraph: You will portray why you are to be considered for the offer in the third paragraph. You should openly speak to the organization or person, which monitors the money. Be open always but professional. You cannot act desperate for money, rather for education. Besides, you can discuss food, books, accommodation, and the entire expenses related to college.
  • Fourth paragraph: You can fill out the fourth paragraph, relying on how much you have to write. Make sure to get the reviewer to feel assured that the applicant they are reviewing is a certain thing. You should show any talents and allow them to feel confident that you indeed will complete the program. However, make sure to repeat the aims comprising both educational and career as it might be the closing paragraph.


​The letter needs to be about 1-2 pages and won’t be beyond the two-page mark. Use the font 12 and double spacing so that they can find it easy to read. Every time write on a resume or suitable stationery paper as if it looks perfect from other letters. Recheck the content and make the letter-perfect.

Note: Put your full Name in the subject line followed by the application for [TITLE of SCHOLARSHIP] when you send the application through email. Make the body smaller than in a hard copy with only the facts. Write best regards, your first and last Name and your cell number in the end.


Scholarship Application Templates with Sample Letter:


Title or Name of the Candidate

The address of the Candidate

City, State

Zip Code


Date of sending


The Name of the chief of the Scholarship Board

The Name of the Institute or scholarship

The Address of the Institute

City, State, Zip Code

RE: Applying for [NAME of SCHOLARSHIP] cover letter

Dear (Name of Head of Scholarship Board):


I am thrilled to know about the [$10,000] scholarship that [Name of Institute] is going to offer one fortunate college student. My aim is to study at [Name of College] in [Name of City] to pursue an engineering degree. I was always passionate about being an engineer since I was in my childhood.

My father was an engineer before he passed away tragically, and he loved his works a lot and took care of his every project well. After finishing my engineering degree, I think that not just will I promote my career, but I will also pay honor to my father that gave his life for his dedication. Becoming an engineer means all to me.

I completed my schooling from [Name of High School] in [YEAR] with tributes. I missed a year to travel and enjoy the world. Now, I am prepared to restart my study. I was a dynamic learner at my high school. I was a part of the debate team and also managed for the class leader. My class teacher used to choose me as valedictorian of my class and make me involved in any extracurricular activities, which the school offered. I have confidence in not only joining school but being involved in it.

[The Name of Head of Scholarship Board], I think that many applications will be in your hand for this scholarship. I hope that my application will be in your consideration and let me achieve my dream of becoming an engineer.

​The engineering field is perplexing, having tough classes; yet, I feel that I face no problem arising from this contest. Being an engineer means a lot to me. However, with the expense of books, room, and board, and all the other costs, this will be tight. I respect your consideration.




Sign of Applicant

Printed Name of Applicant

List of Enclosures



Let us check sample cover letter for scholarship application:


Name of Candidate

Address of Candidate

City, State, Zip Code




Name of the chief of Scholarship Board

Name of Scholarship or Institute

Address of Institute

City, State, Zip Code


RE: Cover Letter for [TITLE of SCHOLARSHIP] Application


Dear (The Name of Head of Scholarship Board):


I am presenting this [NAME OF SCHOLARSHIP] application to further my education in environmental science. I have been studying on behalf of the university for two years and need monetary help to achieve my degree in environmental studies.

​For two years, I have been working part-time in a recycling center and plan to work in the area of environmental sustainability. However, to improve in this area, I need to have a degree.

I have been working at a waste management facility in the city for the last two years of high school and have got a lot of expertise in the area. For the recycling of plastic water bottles, I received an award for innovative management.

My aim is to work on several environmental concerns, such as solar power, wind power, and waste management, to get an impact. A journey I took to see an island of waste in the northern Pacific Ocean was my significant experience of all in my life.

If I am lucky enough to obtain this scholarship, I can complete my degree to apply for a job in a company that supports sustainability in its business ethics. My father passed away five years earlier, and I was capable of paying with insurance money during my first two years at university. However, my mother can no longer afford my university fees.

Thank you for taking my application into consideration. Along with the application form and my transcripts, I have included a recommendation letter from my university counselor. Soon, I would like to hear from you. You can contact me by email at [555-123-4567] or [].




Applicant’s Signature

Applicant’s Printed Name

The Enclosures List

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