What is ICT and Digital Bangladesh

What is ICT?

ICT means Information and Communications Technology.
Information and communications technology (ICT) are propagation terms for information technology (IT). It’s referring to integrating telecommunications like telephone lines, wireless signals and computer technology like necessary software, IC middleware, storage, and other communication media, and technology.

ICT; Information and Communications Technology

ICT in Bangladesh

At present, Bangladesh is a developing country.
The ICT sector of Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing sectors of its economy. ICT has been declared because of the thrust sector by the government. In October, the government announced a national ICT policy with the government for the development of the ICT sector.

The main aim of this policy is to build an ICT-based society so that every person can gain knowledge about ICT and create ICT based skilled workforce. And by achieving this goal, all the people of the country will enjoy ICT benefits.

In view of this, an ICT infrastructure has been created nationwide to ensure access to information for every citizen to facilitate empowerment so that human resource development, administration, e-commerce, banking, public utility services and all types of civic amenities can be utilized through ICT.

Application of Information and Communication Projects in Government Activities

The government is a very important part of the state. The governments of any country take various initiatives to provide safe, create employment for the people and, above all, poverty. The general activities of the government include the formulation of laws and policies and implementation of it through various ministries, offices, and agencies and, above all, collecting money from foreign countries, collecting money through grants and insurance from abroad and implementing schemes through various agencies.

Private companies or individuals are recruited when needed. There are important applications of information & communication technology in all government functions. Here are a few things:

Government Information Disclosure

Before the development of the Internet, various government information such as notification of recruitment, issuing tenders, various orders., were sometimes published in various newspapers in the concerned departments. All this information can be accessed directly to the public through the website. Note that the national web portal address of the Government of Bangladesh is https://bangladesh.gov.bd.

Public Laws and Policies

With regard to the formulation and revision of government policies, laws, etc. on various issues, the opinion of a section of people who are not accustomed to e-mail can also be taken.

Government Service using Cellular Network

The government can directly convey a message to a large section of people through mobile phones. About 12 million people have mobile phones in Bangladesh. An important government announcement can be reached directly to those individuals through short messages on mobile phones.

Public Service at the Door Step

The most innovative and efficient application of ICT in government activities is to deliver citizen services to the people. Citizen services can be accessed directly at the doorstep of the citizen and, sometimes, in the hands of people through mobile phones, radio and television and the Internet.

In developed countries, people can complete their passport, income tax, admission to the university, payment in government treasury, etc. at home. In our country too, many civil services are now available easily. Among these will be significant.

Online Land Records and Information Delivery System

Earlier, there was a lot of harassment for collecting various land records, now it can be easily collected from e-service centers in five districts of the country. Applicants can collect verified copy of various land-based documents by applying online for this purpose. As a result, people are getting easy service. The information is being digitized while providing services, so the path to future information is being paved.

E-Books Library in Bangladesh

An official e-book platform has been created for easy access to all textbooks online.

All Public Examination Results

Currently, the results of all the public examinations in the country are publishing online. All results here we can get through mobile phones.

Health and E-Fitness Services

Govt. has set telemedicine service centers up in many places in the country to provide health care to the people. In addition, it has planned to send complaints about the management of government hospitals on mobile phones or SMS. As a result, positive changes in health are being observed.

E-Tin Certificate and Income Tax Returns Online

At home, income taxpayers can now calculate their income tax, create, and file returns. Register for tax identification number through NBR. Also can get e-TIN certificate from NBR web portal, Bangladesh.

Mobile Banking and Electric Fund Transfer

With postal cash card, mobile banking, electronic money transfer system, etc., sending money from one place to another has become easier and faster. Besides, money can be transferred easily through internet and online banking.

E-Payment of Utility Bill

A large part of the civic benefit is electricity, water or gas supply. We can pay all these bills.

E-Transportation System in Bangladesh

E-Transportation System: Bangladesh Road Transport Authority BRTA

Trains, bus, or plane tickets can be collected online, or on mobile phones. Before it launched this online service, passengers had to queue for long hours and collect tickets. Sometimes it would take one to two days. But with the use of information and communication technology, people can now collect tickets at home easily.

Joint Stock Online Registration Services

We give an example of the automation of the Bangladesh Registrar of Joint Stock Companies as an example of improving the quality of government services through the application of ICT in government affairs.
The purpose of a business is to set up a company or form when it is registered with a government organization. We give an example of the automation of the Bangladesh Registrar of Joint Stock Companies.

One such registrar of joint-stock companies and firms in Bangladesh. Until dawn, there was no line, sesame holdings, customer crowds, oppression of various types of brokers, etc. This was a onetime image of the company. Because of the application of ICT, the current image has changed completely. The Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Farms website has a lot of work to do.

E-learning in Education System Bangladesh

For a long time a precise method of acquiring a knowledge of the world has been working in exactly the same way. For the first time since the development of information technology, that kind of change has changed and we are being acquainted with some new words called e-learning.

The term e-learning is the acronym for Electronic Learning and we mean using CD-ROMs, the Internet, personal networks or television channels for teaching. It is important to remember that e-learning is not an alternative to teaching in the traditional way; it is complementary to the traditional method.

To give an example, when teaching a science subject in the classroom, it may not be possible to show a lot in handwriting. For example – solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, etc. The teacher can give lessons in the classroom with the help of multimedia if you want to present the topic more visually. It may even be Interactive.

We all know that the population of Bangladesh is huge. Because of this, the number of students in the school is huge. For various economic constraints, our schools lack skilled teachers. The educational materials required for the study. The laboratory is scarce, so there is very little chance of experimenting with hand-pen science.

E-learning can play a big role in addressing these issues. Video of a skilled teacher teaching can be taken and distributed to many schools. There are many types of helpful processes that can be given to students to explain a particular topic.

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